MagicInfo Remote Cloud

Subscription from 5,00 for month

MagicInfo Remote Cloud is a cloud service that offers users a wide range of functionalities related to remote control of Digital Signage monitors. The service is compatible with Samsung Smart Signage displays with Tizen processors (Player S4 and above) as well as SBB/PIM/other players (Player I).

The price is for one connected device/player.

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MagicInfo Remote Management is an advanced tool for managing Samsung devices from anywhere in the world. With this service, you can take full control of your hardware and make any necessary changes and adjustments.

A license for MagicInfo Remote Management allows for full control and management of devices. The limitation is the inability to send Digital Signage content to the monitors. However, there is an option to display a customized logo, allowing companies to add their branding to their digital displays.

MagicInfo Remote Management also offers advanced remote control and remote device updates. With these functionalities, it’s easy to monitor the status of devices, change settings, and update software.

This is an ideal solution for companies that need an effective way to remotely manage their equipment without the need for physical presence on-site. MagicInfo Remote Management allows for quick and easy implementation of any changes and adjustments, enabling the efficient use of digital signage displays.

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