MagicINFO™ Cloud

Welcome to the Samsung MagicINFO™ Cloud Digital Signage Platform.
We offer extensive service packages as well as licenses.

MagicINFO™ Cloud

We offer MagicINFO™ Cloud services that allow you to easily create content, schedule and manage displays in real time.

Create contentCreate diverse content - semi-automatically! MagicINFO ™ Author provides a variety of integrated components to optimize content creation for specific audiences.
Publish and SendContent sent to Samsung displays is saved for playback. Use the default content or advanced backup features to ensure no information is lost.
AnalyticsHow to stay ahead of the competition? The advanced MagicINFO™ Insight control panel generates and analyzes history from multiple displays, providing analytics tools.
Remote monitoringMagiclNFO™ Server allows users to control the status of all devices on the network, providing the full efficiency, at any times.
ControlWith remote control, users can see and interact with multiple screens.
NotificationsWhen an error is detected, the system generates alerts and warnings in the control panel. If an error is detected, MagiclNFO™ Server makes it easy to diagnose and fix it remotely.

MagicINFO™ 9

Our servers are always updated with the latest software

Samsung MagicINFO™ Cloud is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage content, devices and data. Starting from creating messages to publishing them and ending up on controling the screens - all from one platform. MagicINFO ™ 9 is able to analyze play information along with sales data, generating detailed reports on campaign performance.

Samsung Certified Partner Professional Display Gold


Display dynamic content with intuitive and complete solution

MagicINFO™ solutions are a combination of three main components that work together to ensure full-scale communication. They are: Author, Server and Player. Author offers easy-to-use authoring tools within an intuitive interface.
The server provides comprehensive management of prepared messages, enabling easy creation of schedules and playlists and their presentation. On the other hand, the Player makes it possible to display content in almost any format without the need for external software or hardware.


Industry-leading security

MagicINFO™ is the industry's first Digital Signage solution to be IS027001 and IS027701 certified.

Samsung MagicINFO™ offers the highest security levels, which makes it highly trusted worldwide.

Samsung Certified Partner Professional Display Gold

Benefits of MagicINFO Cloud services

Quick implementationYou can publish and display your content immediately. No additional configuration is required - just connect the monitor to our MagicInfo Cloud server!
No additional costsCommissioning us to operate your devices, you do not have to worry about maintaining and updating servers or employing qualified people to operate them.
Servers located in EUOur servers are located in Poland, so that you can access our services without any delays.
Low costsThanks to monthly or annual billing, you can significantly reduce the costs of implementing the solution.
Access from anywhereMagicInfo Cloud allows you to access your content and devices by a web browser from anywhere in the world.
SecurityAll connections to the server are encrypted with the SSL protocole. You don't have to worry about the security of the access to your devices!

MagicINFO Cloud price list

All prices include the cost of license for 1 device. Additional discounts apply when purchasing more licenses. The minimum duration of the service is 12 months. No set up fees!

MagicINFO™ Lite Cloud9 net /monthBasic functionality for uploading content and managing displays
Access to the portalMagicInfo Cloud
ActiveServer Monitoring
BasicDevice Control
UploadingReady Content
MagicINFO™ Premium Cloud20 net /monthThe functionality of the Lite Cloud license, Remote Management Cloud and additionally:
Content creation withMagicInfo Web Author
FullDevice Control
PreviewingLive Content
Synchronization of theShown Content
MagicINFO™ Remote Cloud5 net /monthManage your Samsung hardware from anywhere in the world
Access to the portalMagicINFO Cloud
FullDevice Control
Ability to use yourCMS or SSSP system
RemoteDevice Updates

MagicINFO on-premise licensing

All prices include the cost of license for 1 device. Additional discounts apply when purchasing more licenses.

MagicINFO™ Lite160 netLicense for installation on your own on-premise server
BasicDevice Control
UploadingReady Content
ExtendedUser Management
MagicINFO™ Premium390 netLite license functionality, Remote Management and:
FullDevice Control
Content creation withMagicInfo Web Author
Synchronization of theShown Content
MagicINFO™ Remote Management69 netLicense for installation on your own on-premise server
FullDevice Control
Ability to use yourCMS or SSSP system
RemoteDevice Updates


We are a group of specialists working on a daily basis in the MagicINFO environment. By choosing us, you will receive the highest level of service at optimal costs.

How do we work?

We support enterprises and companies that want to achieve more through effective communication with the client, using the MagicINFO ™ digital signage system. Based on over 30 years of experience, we offer our solutions at the best price and with the highest quality service.

Samsung Certified Partner Professional Display Gold

Our Awards

We are an official member of AVIXA® - an association that represents the industry of professional audiovisual systems around the world.

We operate globally

We are part of the BESTAU group, responsible for professional audiovisual solutions for business clients and public institutions.

Technical support

As part of the service, we offer assistance in configuring and starting the system. With no additional and hidden costs, we take care of the configuration and security of servers.


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