MagicInfo Lite Cloud

Subscription from 9,00 for month

MagicInfo Cloud Lite is a comprehensive cloud service that offers basic functionality for managing digital displays and uploading pre-made content. It’s the perfect solution for businesses that need a simple and effective way to manage Digital Signage.

The price is for one connected device/player.

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MagicINFO Cloud Lite is an innovative solution for businesses that want to effectively manage their displays. This software offers basic functionality for easy uploading and managing content on monitors.

With access to the MagicINFO portal, users gain basic control over their displays. In this portal, they can create new advertising campaigns, plan playback schedules, and monitor the status of devices.

In addition to basic device control, MagicINFO Lite also allows for the uploading of pre-prepared content.

All of these features make MagicINFO Lite an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to effectively utilize the potential of digital displays, without investing in costly and complicated tools to manage them.

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12 months (charged monthly), 12 months (charged annually)