MagicINFO Lite, Premium or Remote?

What type of license to choose?

The MagicINFO Lite, Premium and Remote licenses differ in the scope of functions and possibilities they offer.

If you are wondering about the best solution to manage your Digital Signage devices, you have come to the right place. Comparison of the three MagicINFO licenses: Lite, Premium and Remote in terms of functions and possibilities of managing Digital Signage devices will facilitate the selection of a solution tailored to different needs and requirements of the user. Each license is tailored to the specific requirements and scale of Digital Signage installations. Find out more by reading a detailed overview of the features of each and choose the best one!

Jaka licencja MagicInfo Cloud dla mnie?

To sum up, MagicINFO Lite, Premium and Remote licenses differ in terms of functionality and capabilities. MagicINFO Lite is the basic version, MagicINFO Premium offers extensive features, and MagicINFO Remote is mainly focused on remote management. The choice of the appropriate license depends on the specific needs and requirements of the user, as well as the scale and advancement of the Digital Signage installation.

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