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Learn about the main capabilities and features of MagicINFO™ Remote Cloud

Why use MagicINFO Remote Cloud management?

Remote management allows you to access all your devices from anywhere. Not only can you control the content displayed on the screens, but you can also access hardware settings and remotely troubleshoot, saving you time and money when you can’t be on site.

Do you have an existing content management solution or your own web application? No problem, Samsung Remote Management consolidates everything in one place and can even sync with your existing content management software, giving you complete control and ensuring you get exactly what you need from each display.

Remote device management

Full control over equipment

Samsung Remote Management gives you full control over your screen from anywhere with a user-friendly interface that lets you adjust settings as if you were standing directly in front of the display. You can even connect a mouse and keyboard to remotely control all the display menus. For added security, you can also disable access to inputs such as USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to prevent security problems and comply with company security policies.

Powerful real-time monitoring

Remote Management makes it easy to correct errors, allowing you to focus less on displays and more on running your business. Remote Management provides automatic email alerts and helpful, detailed information on more than 130 potential hardware and software problems, as well as tips on how to quickly resolve problems using an online manual. In addition, errors can be quickly and easily resolved remotely using the Remote Management server via a mobile device or computer, regardless of your location.

Scalability and flexibility

MagicINFO Remote Cloud is scalable and flexible to accommodate different sizes and needs of digital signage infrastructure.

It gives you the ability to add and manage multiple devices from one central location.

Compatible with various types of devices, such as Samsung displays, media players and other devices that support MagicINFO.

Technical support and updates

Zdalne zarządzanie

Our Technical Support

– Your Reliability and Comfort of Use

Reliable Technical Support and Regular Updates for your Comfort

MagicINFO Remote Cloud subscription holders have access to dedicated technical support for troubleshooting and software assistance. In addition, regular updates and enhancements are provided by Samsung, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and security fixes.


Safety and reliability

Highest Security Standard for Protecting Your Data

MagicINFO Remote Cloud is designed with ease of use in mind, allowing even those with limited technical skills to manage content effectively. Intuitive tools and accessible navigation make MagicInfo Remote an accessible solution for any user.

Bezpieczeństwo danych

Your data is safe

MagicINFO Remote Cloud provides a high level of security for data and digital signage infrastructure.

The software supports data encryption, authentication and access controls to protect confidential information.

Availability and reliability are also ensured, thanks to redundant servers and backup systems.

Which license is best for you?

MagicINFO Remote Cloud is a fully customizable solution designed to provide your business with the most useful features while reducing the time it takes you or your employees to manage and operate your displays. For example, you can add a custom image – like a custom logo or other image – that will be displayed when you turn on your devices, providing a distinctive brand experience. You can also specify backup content to be automatically played on each display when nothing else is scheduled. This means no downtime for your displays and less time spent managing equipment for you and your employees.

A tailored solution for your business

Comparison of MagicINFO Cloud services

All prices include the cost of remote license access for 1 device. The minimum duration of the service is 12 months.

MagicINFO™ Lite Cloud45 netto /miesiącPodstawowa funkcjonalność do wgrywania treści i zarządzania monitorami
Dostęp do portaluMagicInfo Cloud
AktywneMonitorowanie Serwerów
PodstawoweSterowanie Urządzeniami
WgrywaniePrzygotowanych Treści
MagicINFO™ Premium Cloud90 netto /miesiącFunkcjonalność licencji Lite Cloud, Remote Management Cloud oraz dodatkowo:
Tworzenie treści przezMagicInfo Web Author
PełneSterowanie Urządzeniami
Możliwość Podglądu WyświetlanychTreści Na Żywo
SynchronizacjaOdtwarzanych Treści
MagicINFO™ Remote Cloud30 netto /miesiącZarządzaniu Twoim hardwarem Samsung z dowolnego miejsca na świecie
Dostęp do portaluMagicINFO™ Cloud
PełneSterowanie Urządzeniami
Możliwość wykorzystania swojegosystemu CMS lub SSSP
ZdalneAktualizacje Urządzeń

Technical support

As part of the service, we offer technical support in configuring and launching the system.


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