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Learn about the main capabilities and features offered by MagicINFO™ Lite Cloud

MagicINFO™ Lite Cloud is a powerful tool that enables effective content management in digital signage.

With its features and flexibility, it is ideal for companies that want to realize the potential of digital signage and effectively communicate with their audiences.

However, it should be noted that MagicINFO Lite Cloud offers limited remote control of hardware and devices.

Manage content with ease

Zarządzanie treściami
Zarządzanie treściami

Create compelling visualizations with a simple interface

MagicINFO Lite Cloud makes it easy to manage content in various formats, such as photos, videos, animations, presentations and audio files. Users can create compelling visual content using a simple graphical interface.

Schedules and planning

Optimize your communications

With MagicINFO Lite Cloud, you can easily plan content display schedules.

MagiciNFO LIte

Precise planning and scheduling

Users can set specific times and days to display specific content, allowing them to effectively tailor communications to specific moments.

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Customize your messages

Content personalization

Increase engagement through content personalization with MagicINFO Lite Cloud

Users can set specific times and days to display specific content, allowing them to effectively tailor communications to specific moments.

Monitoring and reporting

Know your audience

Gain insight and optimize strategy with monitoring and reporting

MagicINFO Lite Cloud offers tools for monitoring displays and analyzing their performance. Users can access data such as number of impressions, exposure time or user interactions. This information can be used to optimize strategies and better understand audience behavior.

Zdalne zarządzanie

Remote management

Manage from anywhere

Flexible and central content management with MagicINFO Lite Cloud

The software allows remote management of content and displays from one central point. Users can update content, schedules and other settings from anywhere and at any time.

Safety and reliability

Your data is safe

Highest level of safety and reliability

MagicINFO Lite Cloud provides a high level of data security and reliable operation. Data is protected with advanced protocols and encryption, and the system operates stably, minimizing the risk of failure.

Twoje dane są bezpieczne

MagicINFO Lite Cloud is ISO27001 and IEC27701 certified, which means it is the most secure digital signage solution on the market.

Which license is best for you?

MagicINFO™ Lite Cloud is recommended for organizations that have easy access to displays and need fewer features to achieve their goals.

Lite will be suitable if you only use content elements such as video or jpg. MagicINFO Lite Cloud is an ideal choice for companies that need basic functions but do not benefit from the advanced options offered by MagicINFO Premium Cloud.

Comparison of MagicINFO Cloud services

All prices include the cost of remote license access for 1 device. The minimum duration of the service is 12 months.

MagicINFO™ Lite Cloud45 netto /miesiącPodstawowa funkcjonalność do wgrywania treści i zarządzania monitorami
Dostęp do portaluMagicInfo Cloud
AktywneMonitorowanie Serwerów
PodstawoweSterowanie Urządzeniami
WgrywaniePrzygotowanych Treści
MagicINFO™ Premium Cloud90 netto /miesiącFunkcjonalność licencji Lite Cloud, Remote Management Cloud oraz dodatkowo:
Tworzenie treści przezMagicInfo Web Author
PełneSterowanie Urządzeniami
Możliwość Podglądu WyświetlanychTreści Na Żywo
SynchronizacjaOdtwarzanych Treści
MagicINFO™ Remote Cloud30 netto /miesiącZarządzaniu Twoim hardwarem Samsung z dowolnego miejsca na świecie
Dostęp do portaluMagicINFO™ Cloud
PełneSterowanie Urządzeniami
Możliwość wykorzystania swojegosystemu CMS lub SSSP
ZdalneAktualizacje Urządzeń

Technical support

As part of the service, we offer technical support in configuring and launching the system.


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